Next Scheduled Luncheon Meeting

Aquila Resources, Inc.

Meeting to be held at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia
215 South 16th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19012

11:30am – 1:00pm

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Information for Presenters

Our Luncheon Meetings are held at the historic and prestigious Union League of Philadelphia, 140 South Broad Street, in the heart of Philadelphia’s business, financial and hotel district. Newly and extensively refurbished bed rooms are available for your convenience. We also occasionally meet at The Racquet Club of Philadelphia, 215 South 16th Street, a private social and athletic club also located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia, offering dining and lodging facilities and a variety of social activities. The schedule generally includes a reception from 11:30AM to 12:00PM, during which time members may meet management on an informal basis. This is followed by a luncheon from 12:00PM to 12:30PM, and the presentation from 12:10PM to 12:45PM and Q & A through 1:00PM at which time the meeting is scheduled to end.

Generally, we like the formal remarks to end at about 12:45PM so that questions may be entertained until 1:00PM when we conclude the meeting. If the Company’s representatives’ schedule permits, they may remain to answer questions individually and meet with those members who do not have pressing afternoon commitments. Attendance varies, of course, depending upon the investment interest in the host Company. We tend to get an average of about 60 attendees, smaller companies may draw around 40, and larger firms get in excess of 80.

The P.S.A. will handle all arrangements, including securing appropriate facilities, determining the menu and handling all the necessary logistics, which include mailing notices to our members, collecting responses and determining approximate expected attendance for the Association’s and the Company’s use. If the Company wishes to use audiovisual equipment for its presentation, e.g., PowerPoint, we will arrange to have the equipment available. If we are informed in advance we will also make certain that there are tables, easels and other furniture or equipment needed for displays, reports, products and brochures. Some companies have displays of their products and/or hand out small “mementos” that give us an additional reminder of the luncheon and company program.

The P.S.A. holds its luncheon meetings throughout the year. Normally our meetings are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays but on occasion we do hold them on Mondays or Fridays. In the interest of maximum attendance and the maintenance of continued interest, we try not to schedule more than two meetings in a business week. However, recognizing the realities of business meetings, we are not adamant about this rule. Our experience suggests that attendance does not appreciably decline during the summer months. We are pleased to work directly with the Company’s designated corporate officer or staff person charged with the investment/public relations responsibility and/or we will work closely with the Company’s financial or public relations firm representatives.

If the company would like to invite other people such as directors, local plant managers, distributors, other corporate representatives, underwriters, investment analysts or bankers, they may do so themselves. Please send us a list of your invitees. Our invitations have a postage-paid return card that facilitates our obtaining a reasonably accurate attendance. These cards are remitted to the Company for their records at the meeting.


Each Company desiring to make a presentation before the P.S.A. is expected to bear the cost, which currently averages $75 per attendee. During the past several years, we have hosted anywhere from 40 to 80 companies per year with an average attendance of over 60 investment professionals. Naturally, the larger better-known companies tend to attract a larger audience. But even smaller companies, not listed on a major exchange and not located in the Greater Philadelphia / Delaware Valley area, usually will draw in excess of 40 people. The total cost will range from approximately $4,000 to $5,000, excluding any extra costs for special arrangements or equipment.

If a Company wishes to bulk ship handouts such as annual reports, current information packets, copies of its presentation or mementos, they should be sent in advance to one of the following which will hold material for the meeting:

Kaitlyn Wendler
Private Event Manager
Union League of Philadelphia
1450 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: 215-587-6453
Fax: 215-587-5562

Alicia Burgos
Event and Membership Coordinator
The Racquet Club of Philadelphia
Phone: 215.772.1548
Fax: 215.670.9527

Audio/visual arrangements may be made directly with Ed Kelly , I. T. Manager at the Union League, at 215-587-5589. BRINGING YOUR OWN PC AND PROJECTOR WILL SAVE RENTING THESE FROM THE UNION LEAGUE.

We normally have a head table for several of our Officers and those from the Company and/or P/R firm who will be participating in the presentation. Our President acts as host. If the Company wishes to have readable name cards for its Officers, they should provide them. Our President will host and introduce everyone sitting at the head table.
In order to ensure that everything necessary for a successful presentation runs smoothly, the Program Chairman will call the Company or its designated P/R firm two to three weeks prior to the scheduled appearance date to finalize the details.

By that time, we should have received the following information from the Company:
1. Name(s) and title(s) of speakers.
2. Number of Company persons who will be seated at the head table.

3. Number of Company persons and guests who will attend and names.

4. A one-paragraph description of the Company and its operations for our invitation cards.

5. Audiovisual aids requests and requests for special equipment.

6. Any special requirements for displays or handouts.

7. Anything else that will help us to assist the Company in preparing for a successful meeting.

8. Name and an address of the person to whom the luncheon bill should be sent.

If desired, the Company may also submit to us a copy of their presentation speech for publication on our web site. The speech must include a legal disclaimer.
We wish to help make the Company’s luncheon presentation successful and as enjoyable as possible. Many Companies make the P.S.A. a regular part of their investor relations program, returning every year or two to update the Philadelphia investment community on their Company’s progress. To see who has presented before the PSA please click here.

If you have any questions, contact:

Programs Chairman
Richard Muhlberg

Chairman / CEO
Metis Advisors Inc.
1930 Marlton Pike East, Suite M64
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
Phone: 856-787-1300
Fax: 856-787-1211


The Philadelphia Securities Association is a nonprofit professional association. All Association costs and activities are paid for solely through the annual dues charges that each member pays. We look forward to welcoming your Company and management representatives to Philadelphia and are taking reservations for 2015.